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Plant production infrastructure

Tank Clinic JHB currently employs some 100 employees of which close on 80 are factory related.

Tank materials and construction codes

Tank Clinic has developed from manufacturing tanks in grades 5454, to 5083 and more recently built with 5182 H111 grade.

ADR / ISO certification

Tank Clinic is able to meet the most stringent design and quality standards and is certified to both ISO and ADR standards.

Our Team Members

Brendan Pritchard – Managing Director

Office: 011-864-5228/230

Cell: 084-406-3243

E-mail: brendan@tankclinic.co.za

Steven Holm – Technical Director

Office: 011-864-5228/204

Cell: 082-434-3045

E-mail: steven@tankclinic.co.za

Ronel Benecke – Financial Director

Office: 011-864-5228/237

Cell: 082-940-8534

E-mail: ronel@tankclinic.co.za

Louis Taljaard – Financial Manager

Office: 011-864-5228/203

Cell: 060-992-9322

E-mail: louis@tankclinic.co.za

Beny Deysel – Sales  & Marketing Manager

Office: 011-864-5228

Cell: 082-499-4456

E-mail: beny@tankclinic.co.za




Although a great deal of emphasis has been made to equip the staff with the most up to date tools, Tank Clinic is still adamant that the greatest asset the company has is its people. This is evident from the newly formed Tank Clinic Employees Trust which is aimed at empowering the employees of the company and entitling them to profit sharing in the form of year end dividends. The Employees Trust currently has a 20% Shareholding in Tank Clinic.

Louis Taljaard

Financial Manager

Beny Deysel

Sales & Marketing Manager



TTank Clinic was established in 1976 as a general repair and refurbishing shop, servicing the general tanker industry and Oil companies throughout South Africa.


Tank Clinic Founder, Nic Gerber, and his first employee, Manalele Lutholi successfully completed tanker repair work for its first client, Shell South Africa, from where Tank Clinic has through the years grown into a leading manufacturer of Liquid Bulk Road tankers. Tank Clinic’s main production plant is situated in the industrial area of Alrode near Johannesburg.


Tank Clinic has extended its operations with branches situated in strategic areas of the country such as Cape Town. Tank Clinic further enjoys the support from its dedicated repair facilities at Tanker Repair Division JHB and Tanker Repair Division KZN.


Tank Clinic has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of new tankers for the fuels, chemicals, LPG and Food industries within Southern Africa.



Brendan Pritchard

Managing Director

Steven Holm

Technical Director

Ronel Benecke

Financial Director

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Top Features
High monthly output capability

Maximum output capability in the region of 25-30 tanks per month.


Highest quality materials and components

Complies with local and international codes of construction.


Satisfied Customers

Tank Clinic applies a strict quality assurance procedure to ensure that the end customer receives maximum satisfaction.


Tailor-made designs

Tank Clinic designs their tankers to the specific customer needs to comply with SANS 1518 (ADR) and other statutory requirements.

ADR / ISO Certification

Tank Clinic is able to meet the most stringent design and quality standards and is certified to both ISO and ADR standards.

BEE Compliance – Level 4 Contributor

Tank Clinic committed itself to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) process in South Africa and is fully supportive of the governments’ transformation objectives

  011-864-5228


A Few Words About Us

Tank Clinic is a High Tech Manufacturing and Repair facility incorporating State-of-the-Art Design and Production Technology. Tank Clinic is recognised as a leading South African Designer and Builder of Road Tankers supplying South Africa, Africa and now even exporting worldwide.


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Tanker Repair Division JHB:

22 Beryllium Str, Alrode Ext 5

Tel : +27 11 864 1112

Email: info@tankerrepair.co.za

Tanker Repair Division KZN:

23 Shepstone Road, New Germany,

Pinetown , KZN

Tel : +27 87 287 4142

Email: trd.kzn@tankerrepair.co.za


+27 11 864 5228

Tank Clinic JHB (Head Office):

26 Barium Rd, Alrode Ext 5


PO Box 124130, Alrode, 1451



beny@tankclinic.co.za (Sales)


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